Prosperity Advisors


  • Refurbishment of existing office space
  • Create an open plan, fresh, comfortable, and airy office space to accommodate 80 office staff
  • Change the dynamics of the workplace to increase efficiency and workplace attitude



  • Demolition of 80% of internal walls, kitchen, and ceiling tiles 
  • Construction of new internal walls (Gyprock and glass)
  • Painting and Skirting
  • Strip out and replace all data to upgraded CAT 6 (80 people)
  • Rewire lighting system to incorporate plug bases opposed to hardwired
  • New extensive island kitchen and booth seating
  • Relocate server room
  • Replace hot water system,
  • New urinals in bathrooms
  • Completely Paint
  • Adjust AC layout to suit new configuration
  • Signage and frosted film
  • All furniture including desks/seating/storage (both free standing and custom built) including new boardroom/meeting room/reception and custom made 


“Importantly we stayed within our project time and budget including taking up of many options offered whilst the project was ongoing. This flexibility was impressive and showed their deep understanding of our needs.“ 

“We are extremely proud of our new space in Newcastle and with the contribution of Newcastle Office Interiors. It is with high confidence I would recommend them to others in both building office interiors and furniture acquisition.” 

Michael Hughes – Chief Operating Officer 


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