EDI Downer Rail

Having undertaken a number of projects for Downer group the most recent undertaking for NOI was to refurbish both the 335m2 Amenities block and 610m2 Canteen area concurrently in their Cardiff facility. The amenities block houses a combined 26 toilets and 25 showers and a dedicated fully compliant accessible toilet and shower area, all as part of the overall refurbishment. The Canteen area has the capacity to cater for up to 150 staff at any time in this industrial setting. 

NOI were tasked with the following: 


  • 2 weeks of demolition works in preparation for the upcoming make good 
  • Sub divide toilet blocks to facilitate new layout. 
  • New epoxy flooring throughout Canteen /Male toilets and changing area. 
  • New toilets throughout and install new urinal 
  • Tile Female toilets/showers and Male shower cubicles  
  • Provide new compact laminate lockers/seating for male changing room and shower cubicles/toilet cubicles to Female toilets 
  • Supply and install new infra red heaters to Male amenities 
  • Create new Laundry area. 
  • Build new accessible toilet/shower area. 
  • New indoor barbecue area with extensive ventilation system 
  • New 100 kw duct sock air conditioning system 
  • Upgrade to hydraulic and gas services. 
  • New electrical distribution boards. 
  • New LED lights throughout 
  • UV tint to windows and roller blinds 
  • Paint throughout both areas 
  • Install new kitchenettes 



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